7/11/19 | Sofia Tech Park

The event aims to connect scale-ups and startups who can provide the latest innovative solutions and technologies with the Coca-Cola System to increase agility and time-to-market, consider sustainable alternatives to current processes, and ultimately accelerate the growth of the local tech ecosystem.


Connect to startups who can provide the latest innovative solutions and technologies


Find new ways to accelerate business growth and improve operational efficiency


Learn about the future of work, trends in corporate innovation, and the necessary shift to circular economy



        Emaze is the next generation of digital content
creation, empowering millions of users to make an amazing impression through
design and technology every day. Emaze provides a host of user-friendly tools that enable the addition of live social media
feeds, photo and video content, web pages, gifs, shopping and more. Users can
utilize our innovative features that include 2D and 3D slides, pan and zoom
transitions, animation, sound effects and analytics tools. 

Digital Content

Industry: Marketing
Country: Israel
Website: www.emaze.com

Glean Labs is an automatic employee competency platform for large R&D organizations. By integrating with the customer’s operational and collaboration systems, Glean’s ML algorithms can automatically identify employee’s knowledge, skills, and experience.

Glean Labs’s first evidence-based data layer of employee competencies helps companies transform organizational processes by turning expensive guesswork into data-driven decision-making. 

Competency Mapping

Industry: Internet
Country: Israel
Website: www.gleanlabs.com

Personalics is a Tel Aviv based start-up, endorsed by Microsoft ventures and the Bridge Coca-Cola program. They believe, companies should communicate individually with their customers, enable them to cater to their needs and wants, drive engagement and uplift brand value. The platform is doing this by taking advantage of existing data, utilizing the power of machine learning and data science to deliver clear and actionable insights. Also measuring and experiment with campaign executions, as todeepen customer engagement understanding, feedback the results and constantly learn and improve performance.

Translate Commercial & People Data into Insights and Actions

Industry: Internet
Country: Israel
Website: www.personalics.com

ReCheck is a mobile application provider on blockchain. It uses computer protocols called Smart Contracts that enable users to register, store, manage and transfer physical products and intellectual property on the blockchain. ReCheck brings simple, safe and user-friendly access to the blockchain. It provides a trustworthy environment for secure business and consumer interactions. You can store and manage the items that matter to you on blockchain. Your transactions are recorded on a network of thousands of computers.

Information Technology
& Services

Industry: Software
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.recheck.io

StribaPay is innovative online payment platform, suitable for small businesses and one of a kind product for Bulgaria. It uses a solid security system for low transaction cost and is suitable for any custom website. 

Online Payment

Industry: Fintech
Country: Bulgaria 
Website: www.stribapay.com

Biomyc revolutionizes the packaging industry by developing innovative packaging solutions from sustainable feedstocks. By combining cutting edge technologies, eco design and production management we ensure a unique packaging solution with a perfect product-market fit that is safe for the environment. All products are created from sustainable feedstocks.

Eco friendly, low cost, sustainable materials

Industry: Biotechnology
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.biomyc.eu

Hyperfold is a technology, similar to origami, which allows cylindrical shapes to be folded to up to 10% of their original volume. Currently they are developing smart accessories for the storage of food and beverages, which they aim to transform into a real alternative to mass packaging.

Packaging industry, Reusable food and drinkware

Industry: Packaging & Containers
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.hyper-fold.com

GiiLD is a learning and training’s platform, but without structured  modules or tests. There are no stages or certifications. Instead, you are thrown directly into a project.

It helps you accelerate your technical learning , deepen your critical thinking skills, make you more marketable. It tracks your progress, suggests relevant material, and engages the learning neurons in your brain by  encouraging you to explore on your own.

Workflow & Human Optimization

Industry: Communications
Country: USA
Website: www.giild.com

BioSeek JSC is a young software company building a new breed of online work environment especially for the needs of scientific research in the domain of Life Sciences- a multi-component platform based on a semantic

search engine and on a graph database which contains all the information scientists need to support their research efficiently: aggregated and indexed are scientific publications, patents, grants, drugs, diseases, authors, etc. The platform includes cutting-edge analytics visualization tools, an online marketplace, and a fully integrated

specialized messenger.

Workflow Productivity

Industry: Big Data
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.bioseek.eu

Skilly is an e-learning chatbot platform. It gives you real skills in micro moment – learning. When you need to by asking a specific question in your assigned skill.

Skilly is unique because it gives practical advices in the exact moment your team needs it, has multiple tools for applied learning, unique delivery through a AI chatbot, personalized conflict resolution and storytelling to influence behavior and shape positive mindsets.

Artificial Intelligence

Industry: HR
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.skillythebot.com

Alicorn gives enterprises the opportunity to test, validate, and develop new ideas at a fraction of the current cost. Product and innovation managers can use our platform to build mobile prototypes in minutes, make demonstrations to various stakeholders, and collect important early feedback. With its hundreds of pre-designed mockup screens and intuitive interface,

Alicorn aims to significantly reduce the friction, people with ideas face when starting work on a new project.

Design &

Industry: Design
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.alicorn.space

ENOVA H2O is a company that develops innovative tools and smart solutions for sustainable water quality management. The ultra-mobile BOD analysis system they designed is based on a new generation of biosensors. The solution is able to detect organic pollutants in the water in seconds – directly at the site of measurement.

Sustainable solutions for smart water management

Industry: IoT, Measurement and Analysis Equipment
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.enova-h20.com

Analytics For Everyone offers advanced while affordable analytical solutions that improve small and medium businesses efficiency.

From coffee shops, through retailers to wholesalers, their vertical-tailored and highly customizable analytical apps grow by the day – both in quality and diversity. Their on-demand analytical framework guarantees flexible and affordable pricing models, easy and hassle-free usage and constant improvement of the service.


Industry: Big Data
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.a4everyone.com

DynamicPricing helps retailers to enhance pricing, promotions and whole portfolio management, being continuously fully aware of the market situation.

Retailers get competition monitoring and pricing to the next level, using cutting-edge technology. DynamicPricing enables the online retail business to be more autonomous and small teams to be able to run large-scale businesses. 

Dynamic Pricing AI

Industry: Software
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.dynamicpricing.ai

Sheetly gives to the e-commerce market a smart product spreadsheet, tailored to deliver the comfort of a familiar environment to its customers. Easy product management for web stores in a clever spreadsheet. Sheetly is a product spreadsheet that has all the good features to run a proper web store. It provides the right UX, within which you can manage all your product data, without the need to outsource any of the workloads.

Smart Product

Industry: IT & Services
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.sheetly.io

DRONAMICS develops unmanned aerial systems for shipping commercial and special cargo applications. DRONAMICS is developing the world-leading cargo UAV “The Black Swan” – a revolutionary fixed-wing unmanned aircraft that can transport 350 kg at a distance of 2,500 km cheaper than any aircraft in existence. 


Industry: Logistics
Country: Bulgaria
Website: www.dronamics.com



Ivan Krentchev

Strategy, Innovation, Capabilities &
Communication Manager,
Business Solutions and Systems
at Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company


Viktor Manev

Co-Founder and Partner at


Jeff Nortrup

Founder & CEO at Concord USA


Momchil Vassilev

Managing Director at
Endeavor Bulgaria


Maria Alexandrova

Manager at Climate-KIC
Accelerator and Cleantech


Daniel Lorer

Managing Partner at
BrightCap Ventures


Topic 1

Rapid Innovation or Better Understanding?

Technology as a whole is moving rapidly. With such rapid, global innovation, professionals must have robust business management skills that include the ability to identify and implement international technologies to aid businesses worldwide.

Many industries take a rushed approach – believing that this pace is necessary to remain at the forefront. What it actually tends to do, however, is create holes and uneven production workflow, producing limited positive results and even leading to lost data or information. While the speed of innovation is important, it is more vital that organizations understand where the market disruptors are coming from, why they are producing such an impact, and how the technology may better serve the enterprise.

Topic 2

Digitizing Work : Adopting Innovative Startups and People in Large Organization

The corporate world is facing the challenge of generating their own disruption – whether disrupting their core business or expanding into a new business – to drive their next phase of growth.

Becoming disruptive requires a robust set of leadership and cultural attributes, innovation practices and external sensing capabilities. While the innovation toolkit has not changed dramatically over the past decade, the current context of disruption requires that the tools be utilized in new ways.

Topic 3

Startup Culture in Bulgaria

  • Discussing the startup culture in the Bulgarian eco-system.
  • Presented by: Victor Manev
  • Company: Impetus Capital

Topic 4

Sustainability & Circular Economy

Corporate social responsibility has been gaining steam for years, but 2018 saw a star-studded vindication of the movement.

In 2019 and into the future, expect social responsibility to be the table stakes of business.

Topics such as employee volunteerism, selection of socially responsible suppliers, grants for environmental initiatives, and more would be a massive differentiator in the upcoming decade.

Presented by Maria Alexandrova, CleanTech Bulgaria

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